Cimorelli Sisters Jump From YouTube To Radio With "Made In America"

The incredibly talented Cimorelli sisters return to the What's Trending studio to perform their new original single, "Made In America," and take fan questions about their upcoming music video and EP!

While the six siblings are known for their amazing covers of hit songs, such as Justin Timberlake's "Mirrors" and Taylor Swift's "22," they're incredibly excited to be releasing their own original work.

"We're so excited to finally be doing originals. That's what we wanted to do from the beginning and get our music out there," Christina says. "Especially 'Made In America' and our new EP. We're so passionate about it because we co-wrote this song." She adds that the song was sent to them but then they re-wrote it and put their spin on it.

Christina says of the song's inspiration, "This is a cool idea about how America made us who we are. We have a lot of American pride. We love the American dream, the idea of working hard and doing whatever you want, accomplishing huge, crazy goals." She adds, "To put that in a song and tell our story, that's what we wanted to do."

Regarding their big music video launch, Lisa says, "This one is like the next level. We've never done a super professional music video like this and it's going to be on VEVO. There's trampolines and a dance sequence!"

Even though fans are yearning to know when Cimorelli will be going on tour, Christina says that getting their new song on the radio is the main focus right now. "We don't have the set dates for those things yet, but we're definitely planning them."

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