Cincinnati Zoo's One-Month-Old Baby Hippo Fiona Gets a New Pool

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This time last week, premature hippo Fiona was dehydrated and her animal care team didn’t know if she was going to make it. Though she is still not out of the woods, her condition has greatly improved in the last few days!

She has outgrown two pools already and got a new one today! Now that the IV that Cincinnati Children’s helped place last week has been removed, vets have given her the okay to resume supervised pool time. Hippos don’t actually swim. They float and are able to hold their breath for long periods. Spending time in the pool will help Fiona build muscle and lung strength, keep her skin moist and let her act like a hippo! Her new pool is set up close to mom and dad so she can hear and smell them.

Thanks to donations from people all over the world, there are funds to cover the pool and other items needed for Fiona’s 24/7 critical care. The Zoo kicked off a magnet and t-shirt sale fundraiser today, so you can join #TeamFiona!

<p>Show your support for #TeamFiona.</p>

Show your support for #TeamFiona.

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