5 Authentic Mexican Drinks That Aren't A Margarita

Because margaritas aren't even Mexican.

We’re celebrating Cinco de Mayo all wrong. It isn’t a holiday in Mexico the way it is here. In fact, it’s hardly recognized in Mexico, aside from Puebla (the only state out of the country’s 31 to observe it).

Even the margarita is barely Mexican ― while there are varying legends of the cocktail’s origin, the version most referenced is told by David Wondrich: An Irish bartender in Tijuana, named Madden, accidentally created the Tequila Daisy when he tried to make a traditional Daisy and grabbed the wrong bottle. What’s “daisy” in Spanish? Margarita.

So if you came here for a margarita recipe, you can find those somewhere else (because yes, they’re still delicious).

But if you must celebrate by drinking on May 5, maybe you could do something really crazy and imbibe the following legitimately Mexican beverages:

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The paloma -- tequila, grapefruit, lime and soda -- is Mexico's beloved cocktail (not the margarita, according to Bon Appetit).

Here's how to make it.
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Pulque (the milky fermented sap of the maguey cactus) is the ancestor to tequila and dates back to the Aztec times, when pulque was a highly esteemed drink of the elders, priests and warriors -- the myth says it was so highly regarded because it came straight from the 400 breasts of the goddess Mayahuel.

“You can sit there and drink pulque for hours and you just don't get drunk,” the BBC recounts. “Then you get up to leave and realize your legs don’t really work right. Your mind is completely clear, but your body doesn’t work.”

Here's how to make it.
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The most classic "cerveza preparada" (beer cocktails) in Mexico, the michelada is essentially a Mexican cocktail made with beer, lime juice and tomato juice or clamato (a blend of tomato juice and clam juice).

Bon Appetit describes the way the Mexicans do it in Guadalajara: "[The bartender scooped] salt and powdered chicken boullion into the bottom of a giant glass mug. He added squirts of Worcestershire and Maggi seasoning, followed by shots of lemon juice and a bottle of Clamato. To the mix he added two bottles of Dos Equis, gave the whole thing a vigorous stir, and stuck two straws in it before sending it our way."

We at HuffPost also have a bunch of great michelada recipes here.
Arturo Pe├▒a Romano Medina via Getty Images
Tejuino is a super easy-to-make, low alcohol drink that even the kids drink sometimes. It's cold, made from fermented corn and popularly drunk in the Mexican state of Jalisco. It is often served with a scoop of shaved ice.
Spiked Horchata
Mizina via Getty Images
Horchata -- a creamy mix of almonds, rice and cinnamon -- is easy to spike up. Here's a simple 3-ingredient recipe that gets the boozy kick from rum.

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