Funniest Cinco De Mayo Commemorative T-Shirts (PHOTOS)

LOOK: These Cinco De Mayo T-Shirts Are Hysterical
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Cinco De Mayo In Style

Cinco de Mayo is arriving soon, a date that in the United States remind us of the many contributions Mexicans bring to the American culture, and why not, also a day to have some wild fun. And if you are the kind of person who embraces this celebration to the max, then you might also enjoy putting on funny t-shirts and outfits to go hang out with friends.

We have put together a gallery with some of the most hilarious jerseys, with Cinco de Mayo commemorative messages. From “I Love My Tacos”, to “I Want You To Fiesta”, these hysterical pieces will surely make you laugh.

Our favorite? “Life Is Too Short Not To Be A Mexican!” Take a look above and let us know which one is yours.

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Cholula, Puebla

Cinco de Mayo Puebla

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