Cinderella - Cinderella is a Magical Ride for Everyone!
From Disney comes the live-action Cinderella directed by Kenneth Branagh and starring Lily James, Cate Blanchette, Helena Bonham Carter and Richard Madden. The story takes off when Cinderella's father unexpectedly passes away and young Ella finds herself at the mercy of her cruel stepmother and her daughters. Never one to give up hope, Ella's fortune begin to change after meeting a dashing stranger in the woods. KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Morgan B. comments, "The glass slipper -- WOW! That is a story in itself. Made of glistening Swarovski crystal with a golden butterfly on top that took over 150 hours, six versions and la voila, you have the perfect glass slipper." Brianna Hope B. adds, This modern rendition is powerful with a great cast that will keep you entertained. It's simply stunning!" See their full reviews below.

By Brianna Hope B., KIDS FIRST! Critics, age 15

Cinderella is a beautiful classic fairytale. This modern rendition is powerful with a great cast that will keep you entertained. It's simply stunning!

After her father's death, Cinderella (Lily James) is now living under the guardianship and authority of her wicked stepmother (Cate Blanchett). She's the servant of the house, and is the subject of the family's ridicule and unkindness. When she meets a stranger in the woods Cinderella is unaware that who she's talking to is really the Prince (Richard Madden) and this classic fairytale continues.

Cinderella's cinematography is flawless. It has elaborate costumes and the glass slippers are outstanding. You are in awe of how spectacular they look when you first see them. The set has such a majestic feel to it and it draws you in entirely as the plot plays out. I especially like the transitions when Cinderella is going to and from the ball. It has a lot of excitement and anticipation. The chemistry & romance between the two main characters is incredible. It feels as though they are made for each other. Even though I know the plotline to this classic fairy tale it is nice to see it with slightly a different take. My favorite scene is when Cinderella meets her Fairy Godmother (Helena Bonham Carter) for the very first time. The Godmother transitions from this ugly dreadful old woman to a beautiful goddess. This scene has some humor and a well know message to never judge a book by its cover. My favorite character has to be the Fairy Godmother. She is surprisingly funny and has a very big part in the story.

Director, Kenneth Branagh, directs this classic fairy tale with great artistry and dramatic characteristics. The cast, design and the creative aspects of this film is wonderfully place together.

Always be kind. A message that's very evident in this film. Being kind can change someone's day for the better. The younger you learn this message the better.

I recommend Cinderella for ages 8 to 18. Also, I'm sure a lot of adults will enjoy this film as well. Anyone who loves fairy tales, this is your film and you will love it.

I give this beautiful film 5 out of 5 stars. It's wonderful and beautifully made. Cinderella is in theaters now, so please check it out.


By Morgan B., KIDS FIRST! FILM Critic, Age 10

The wait is over. On March 13, Disney releases the new live action feature Cinderella on the big screen.

Director Kenneth Branagh made a visually stunning movie. Filmed in England, the castles and scenery in this movie are gorgeous. Mr. Branagh is an actor known for Harry Potter, Valkyrie and many other movie and TV appearances. He is also known for directing as the Thor, Jack Ryan and Much Ado About Nothing.

Lily James plays the part of Cinderella. Her blue dress is outstanding. The way it twirls when she dances makes that one of my favorite scenes. This is just one of the many costumes that take your breath away. The costume design department outdid themselves. Everything is spot on with no detail left out.

Helena Bonham Carter is the perfect Fairy Godmother and my favorite character. She is adorable with the perfect white dress and a wonderful sense of humor. I missed the Bibity Bobity Boo song from the original but the special effects make up for it. Take an exploding pumpkin, a golden carriage, lizards, mice, a goose and you are off to meet The Prince played by Richard Madden. His voice, blue eyes and charm make him the perfect Prince to swoon over.

The wicked Stepmother is played by the lovely Cate Blanchett. Do not let her beauty fool you, as she is one evil mastermind. Her two stepdaughters are truly spoiled rotten with no filters or discipline. I would not like them as sisters.

The glass slipper -- WOW! That is a story in itself. Made of glistening Swarovski crystals with a golden butterfly on top that took over 150 hours to make with six versions and la voila, you have the perfect glass slipper. Add another 1.7 million crystals for costumes and this movie is full of sparkle thanks to designer Sandy Powell.

My favorite scene is, of course, the Royal Ball. Cinderella and The Prince have an elegant dance, which enchants The Price and wins his heart.

I loved this movie but it is actually a very sad story and, when I looked around the theater for the first half hour, many were in tears. This movie is very different from Disney's animated Cinderella, which is cute, silly and has you laughing and cheering.

The movie starts off with Cinderella as a young girl and takes you through the death of her parents and the loss of the life she once knew. It is a much more realistic version and therefore very young kids might not enjoy it as much as the original. I recommend this movie for ages 8 to 18. I give this movie 5 out of 5 twinkling glass slippers.

Brianna Hope Beaton


Morgan Bertsch


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