Cindy Crawford Poses With Daughter Kaia & Her Mother For Cute JC Penney Ad (PHOTOS)

As if anyone doubted for a second that Cindy Crawford was gorgeous (seriously, who are you people?), the 46-year-old supermodel has brought her stunning mom and her daughter Kaia Gerber together for a photo shoot that will leave no question about Cindy having amazing genes.

The Crawfords (all three generations!) pose for a special Mother's Day shoot for JC Penney, wearing matching white shirts and saying really adorable things about family and love that are, let's be honest, making us tear up.

"She's the best mom in the word," Kaia, who's pursuing a child modeling career of her own, says of her famous model mom in the video. "She's so nice and I can just hang out with her and have fun."

But wait, didn't Cindy Crawford say she didn't want her 10-year-old daughter to model anymore? Either way, we think this whole shoot is adorable. Carry on, ladies.

Scroll down to see the ad and watch the heart-melting video!

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