Cindy Crawford's Fourth Of July Tweets Celebrate... Her (PHOTOS)

For most of us, Fourth of July is a time to gather around a grill with friends and stuff our faces with hot dogs and coleslaw. But supermodels, of course, celebrate in a different fashion.

For Heidi Klum and Cindy Crawford, the holiday is the time to remind their followers of how awesomely good-looking they are. First up: Heidi tweeting her bikini self-portrait. Next up: Cindy, who lit up the Twitter-sphere for three days with too-hot-to-handle photos of herself from Fourth of Julys past.

Not that we needed to be reminded. We're still huge fans of her 1992 Pepsi commercial (obsessed, even?) and we've seen how the 46-year-old model mom can still rock a pair of short shorts and a skintight leather dress. She's also still hard at work, appearing in a Mother's Day ad for J. C. Penny and killing it on the June 2012 cover of Spain's S Moda.

Nonetheless, to celebrate Independence Day, Cindy tweeted three sultry photos of herself from past photo shoots, looking like the all-American bombshell she still is. Appropriately, her tweets coincided with the 66th birthday of the bikini, making us want to get our own Americana-themed bathing suits out and head to the beach. Or, you know, eat some more hot dogs.

See the ever-timeless Cindy over the years...

Cindy Crawford's Style Evolution

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