James Corden Steals Cindy Crawford's Spotlight In This Pepsi Ad Parody

"Is that a great new Pepsi can or what?"

This is the best Pepsi "commercial" we've seen since, well, Cindy Crawford also starred in the original version.

James Corden debuted a reboot of the classic 1992 ad during a post-Super Bowl episode of "The Late Late Show" Sunday night. It stays pretty much true to the original (including the fact that Crawford looks almost the same as she did 24 years ago), but the new version has one... colorful difference.

Crawford emerges from her totally '90s car the same way, and makes her way over to the soda machine in virtually the same denim cut-offs and white tank while two young boys appear to ogle her just as before. But things take a turn toward the hilarious when Corden emerges wearing -- you guessed it -- barely-there denim cut-offs and a fitted white tank top.

Corden truly has a knack for taking something that was already pretty darn perfect (Hello, Adele) and making it even better. This parody commercial is no exception. But hey, don't let us keep you from reliving the original, either:

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