Cindy Crawford On Why You'll Never See Her Trying To Look Younger

The supermodel talks turning 50 and the women she admires most.

Decades have passed since Cindy Crawford first became a household name, but as she anticipates her 50th birthday, the mega-model looks as beautiful as ever. She'll celebrate the milestone on Feb. 20, and has talked about the approach she's taking to aging in the spotlight -- she's not going to fight it. 

Crawford recently spoke to People about the women she admires most when it comes to aging gracefully. 

"Women like Helen Mirren and Jane Fonda, they look amazing and they look appropriate," she said. "They look amazing but they're not trying to look 30." Now there's one beauty rule that never goes out of style. 

As for herself, Crawford says you won't see her trying to look any younger. "I don't want to be trying to compete with my 14-year-old daughter – because I would lose!" she joked with People. 

The model has previously spoken about the intense scrutiny she has felt in the modeling industry, calling it "overwhelming." The model was famously at the center of a scandal in which photos of her were "maliciously altered," according to lawyers and the original photographer, and leaked as unretouched. 

Still, Crawford is taking her upcoming 50th in stride and has released a new book to celebrate, titled "Becoming." "I always thought, 'When can I just let it all go?'" Crawford said. "It's just never. There is no age now!"

For her, the big birthday is about "embracing turning 50 and celebrating the past."

Lookin' good, Cindy. 

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