Cindy Crawford: Ex-Husband Richard Gere Is Like 'A Stranger' To Me

Never forget this really, really ridiculously good-looking couple.
02/08/2016 05:36pm ET | Updated February 11, 2016
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These days, Cindy Crawford says ex Richard Gere has gone back to being a stranger in her eyes.

Twenty years after their divorce, Cindy Crawford admits she and ex-husband Richard Gere haven't really kept in touch.

The 49-year-old supermodel reminisced on her short-lived marriage to Gere recently in a candid interview with Marc Maron on his "WTF" podcast.

"I was young," said Crawford, adding that she was 26 when they married (Gere was 42 at the time). "I didn't think I was young, though, but I was young. I was with Richard for like six years, but I was only married for two years."

When Maron asked if she and the 66-year-old actor are still friends, Crawford gave a surprisingly frank answer.

"We're friendly, but I think it's almost like he's gone back to being, like, 'Richard Gere' again, like a stranger because we don't really see each other that much," she said. "I think part of the problem in our relationship was that we were a lot of other things but I don't know if we were ever friends -- like peers, because I was young, and he was Richard Gere. And then, as I started kind of growing up and growing into myself -- it's hard to change the nature of a relationship once you're already in it."

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The '90s power couple attend a movie premiere in January 1993. Also: Richard's hair has never looked bouncier. 

The supermodel -- who recently announced her retirement from modeling -- went on to find lasting love with businessman Rande Gerber. Crawford told Maron it's the exact thing that was missing from her marriage to Gere -- friendship -- that's kept the pair together.

"I think why Rande and I really work is that we were friends first," she said. "I never pretended to like baseball or meditation -- or whatever the version is."

With Gerber, Crawford felt like she "wasn't trying to impress."

The couple -- who have two teenage kids together -- recently celebrated their 17th anniversary. Crawford marked the occasion with a sweet Instagram snap of the pair, writing, "17 years ago we decided to jump into life together. Happy anniversary, babe. I love you!"

17 years ago we decided to jump into life together. Happy anniversary, babe. I love you! 📷 @arthurelgort

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