John Ensign Affair: Time For Cindy Hampton To Tell All

There is one mysterious thing about the John Ensign affair in Nevada. You know how there were lots of mysterious things about the Appalachian lies in the Sanford affair? The Ensign affair, with its $90,000 pay-offs disguised as severance from his parents to the cuckolded husband and wife employees that pretend to be gifts, is mysterious in only one way to me. The quiet Mrs. Hampton. She's mysterious, that Cindy. She is chased, adored, presumably dumped, then" resumed" as a lover, fired, payed off, employed, re-employed. She's been Senator Ensign's smiling escort at public events, Mr. Hampton's aggrieved wife and mother in leaked letters, the recipient of guilty love letters overseen by C Street multi-tasked advisor Sen. Tom Coburn, and silent as the Mona Lisa all the way through.

I expect her to show up as Mrs. John Ensign at any moment, or not. Does she love the more powerful man? She sure looks happy at his side! Is she standing by her beleagured man? Only today, her aggrieved husband, in his continuing Greek howl, cried on ABC's Nightline that Senator Ensign was still in love with her and again, this verb "pursuing" her. What role does she have in this pursuit? Can you be a passive pursuee? When he sent her his tutored "we must break up for the good of the children letter," he quickly called her and said, "only kidding." Was she relieved? What does the enigmatic she say to each man? What is Mrs. Ensign thinking about her long time bff? And as poor Doug Hampton says, with friends like these...? And as Cindy by now has surely noticed, Ensign has deep pockets, no intention of resigning, and cojones of steel. In contrast, her husband looks, well, tragic and dependent.

So Cindy, what gives? I say it's time to go on The View! Oprah! You must tell us if you are waiting out the next election cycle to marry your Senator. And cash in on the American C Street Dream, i.e. If you are far right, and rich enough, you hang in there and beat the weak. Perhaps Senator Coburn who is a lay minister can preside at your nuptials!