Cindy McCain Hopes Trump Learns From The Midterms

"It has been, at times, hard for me to listen to him about my husband, I'll be honest," Cindy McCain said in her first interview since John McCain's death.

Cindy McCain, in her first interview since the death of her husband Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), called President Donald Trump “a negative Nancy” and said she hopes he’s humbled by Republican losses in this month’s midterm elections.

“I think he’s questioning himself right now as to where he goes, what he’s doing,“ she said in an interview with “CBS This Morning” that aired Friday. “I think maybe the things that have occurred, especially with this election, may maybe take him back to basics. I’m hoping it does. It’s very humbling to lose, and I hope he learns from it and realizes that our country needs a strong leader, not a negative Nancy, if I can put it in such a basic term.”

Trump regularly and bitterly attacked the late senator, including his military service. McCain, a war hero and two-time presidential contender, died Aug. 25 at age 81 from brain cancer.

Cindy McCain demurred when asked about her “personal feeling about the president,” but admitted that it has been difficult to process Trump’s insults.

“He is now the president of the United States. I respect the office and respect the, you know, what this means to the country,” she said. “You know, our families have had their differences, and I’ll leave it at that.”

She added: “It has been, at times, hard for me to listen to him about my husband, I’ll be honest.”

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