Cindy McCain Is No Baby Mama

As discussion swirls around 'fist-bumps' and so-called 'news stations' labeling the next potential First Lady as 'Obama's Baby Mama' let us all be very clear: racism is not ok just because it's on Fox.
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Or Laura Bush. Or Barbara Bush. Or Hillary Clinton. Or myself.


We're white.

It is not ok because it's in West Virginia or Kentucky. It's not ok because it's part of the culture or the heritage or the geography.

It is certainly not ok as the caption on a major cable news network, regardless of their 'right' leanings.

I may be as white and suburban as Cindy...strike that...maybe McCain's first wife is a better example, either way I KNOW 'baby mama' is certainly not meant as a term of endearment.

I'm sure Mr. ProducerMan at Fox News thought maybe tagging it under 'Outraged Liberals: Stop Picking on Obama's Baby Mama!' would blame this on Democrats or maybe just 'progressives.'

Nice try asshat.

What part of 'we are not stupid' do you fail to get?

Let's also be clear, the 'blogger' you see in the clip, Michelle Malkin, would be branded a 'baby mama' far quicker than I ever would. I wonder how she feels about this racism and sexism going on as she sits and spins for the GOP that uses her skin color to gain credibility with minorities? (yes, GOP, we see what you are doing)

Oh wait, apparently she thinks it's ok because Michelle Obama has been treated with kid gloves and allegedly used the term 'baby daddy.'

She's kidding, right?

Sadly, she is not kidding.

Here is what that half of America is missing:

This has nothing to do with feeling the next first lady is 'off limits.'

I expect everyone within an inch of Senator Obama be scrutinized.

I also fully expect Michelle Obama can take care of herself, and do not for one second worry the media is too hard on her or the right-wing bloggers too nasty. I get the distinct feeling Michelle Obama would and will handle herself as I would expect any strong, American woman.

Any strong, American woman who's not a Republican, anyway.

What I will not do, however, is sit by and watch sexism and racism on national news. THIS woman might moan and groan over feminism and Clinton, over which supporters are voting McCain and which are too angry to kiss and make up with the Democratic party, but just as we called-out sexism with the Senator from New York, we are calling it out with the rhetoric surrounding Michelle Obama.

Let's ask that producer if he would put the caption 'Bush's Baby Mama' under First Lady Laura Bush. Of course not, because Laura Bush is white.

Maybe Fox News would consider 'Trailer Trash Mama' under their next First Lady caption?

Or would THAT be offensive? Playing into stereotypes?

Of course it would.

How about a 'McCain's Stepford Wife' under the next Cindy McCain story?

Of course not, Fox would never dream of anything so crass and offensive while labeling the woman who could be the next First Lady.

Yet Fox is fine with 'Baby Mama' as the words describing Michelle Obama.


It's called racism, sexism, and it is as clear as Rupert Murdoch's bias.

Yes, Stefania at MOMocrats has it right:

"Just who do you think your audience is, Fox News? A bunch of 11-year-olds? Didn't you forget to call her Obama's 'boo' as well as his 'shorty?' /eyeroll It would be so easy to get outraged by this, but instead these tactics make me howl with laughter, because it shows that the right is scared out of their minds. Yesterday's 'terrorist fist jab' is today's Obama baby mama. Tomorrow will bring something worse, but it ain't gonna make their cause look any better. The Republicans are are going to get handled come November. This I know...

In the immortal words of Kimora Lee Simmons, MOMocrats co-founder Stefania Pomponi Butler 'will beat a bitch's ass' for messing with our country's next First Lady."

Updated: Liza at Culture Kitchen gives us a back ground reminder on Malkin.

Erin Kotecki Vest also blogs at Queen of Spain blog,, and She thinks Fox News can suck it.

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