Cindy McCain Says She Disagrees With Palin On Abortion

In a one-one-one interview with CBS' Katie Couric, Cindy McCain says she disagrees with Sarah Palin on abortion:

COURIC: Some, even Republicans seem surprised that Senator McCain picked a running mate who opposes abortion even in-- in the cases of rape and incest and believes creationism should be taught in schools. And I'm just curious, do you believe--or do you agree with that?

MCCAIN: What I agree with is the fact that she is a social conservative, she is a reform minded woman, she is someone that will shake the-- the-- Washington up, which is exactly what we wanna do. We differ on many issues, we differ with-- across the board with people. We don't have to agree on every issue.

COURIC: Abortion has suddenly become, again, a hot button issue, because of her--

MCCAIN: I think to you all it has--

COURIC: Well, I think probably, at least, it's reported that a lot of people are now talking about this. And I-- where do you stand on abortion?

MCCAIN: I'm pro-life, I'm on the record as being pro-life, like my husband.

COURIC: So, do you oppose it even in the cases of rape and incest?


COURIC: No? So, that's where you two differ--