Cheating Couple Charged In 'Cold-Blooded Murder' Of Woman's Husband: Police

An Alabama couple faces murder charges after authorities say they plotted to kill the woman's husband in order to be with each other.

Michael Earl Reese, 40, was fatally shot in his home in Morris, Alabama, on Feb. 18. His wife, Cindy Reese, also 40, called police to report a break-in. Although the house appeared in disarray, investigators became suspicious after they realized there was no sign of forced entry.

At first, authorities suspected Jeffrey David Brown, 36, of killing Michael Reese. But they soon learned he was romantically involved with the dead man's wife. Police say that Cindy Reese and Brown were lovers, and allege that they plotted to kill Michael Reese so they could be together.

The couple were arrested Wednesday as Brown dropped off Reese, who works for the county finance department, from a lunch date, according to WIAT.

"I think we all understand matters of the heart and the ups, downs, ebbs and flows of relationships," Jefferson County Chief Deputy Randy Christian told "What we can't understand and will never understand is someone getting so twisted, dark and lost that they believe cold-blooded murder is the answer. Yet, here we are with three families ruined because of dark hearts, stupidity and extreme selfishness."

Both Reese and Brown were held in Jefferson County Jail.



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