Cinnamon Challenge YouTube Craze Gains Millions Of Viewers, Frightens Health Professionals

Many adults can probably remember the "Chubby Bunny" game they may have played as kids. You stuff a marshmallow in your mouth, don't chew, and then say "I am a chubby bunny." Then you stuff a second marshmallow in your mouth and say the phrase again. This process repeats until you can no longer utter the phrase, and your mouth is full of marshmallows. Perhaps if you never played "Chubby Bunny," you instead played the Saltines challenge, in which you tried to eat six Saltines in one minute without drinking water. In both instances, it becomes increasingly different to swallow and in the case of Chubby Bunny, a child died playing the game.

The newest try-not-to-choke food craze is the Cinnamon Challenge, in which people (including students, at school) try to swallow a teaspoon of cinnamon within one minute without using water. Everyone from the governor of Illinois to NBA players have taken on the challenge recently. Many Cinnamon Challenge videos on YouTube have received millions of views.

While some might find it amusing to watch someone to attempt this "feat," the challenge could have some negative health consequences, especially for people with breathing problems such as asthma. Attempts have resulted in collapsed lungs and visits to the hospital. Medical professionals warn that the challenge is unsafe and bad for your lungs.

So then why are people obsessed with something that can only cause harm not good? Check out some Cinnamon Challenge videos below and judge for yourself.