STEM Stories: How Mentors Are Changing the Conversation For Young Women (SHARE YOURS)

It can be lonely for a woman in the technology field.

At the college level, men earn 82 percent of engineering and computer science degrees. And while women make up 47 percent of the overall workforce, they constitute only 27 percent of the science and engineering workforce. Isolation and lack of mentors often prevent women from pursuing and advancing in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields.

In The Athena Factor, a 2008 research report by the Harvard Business Review, one-third of women in private-sector science, engineering, and technology jobs said they felt extremely isolated at work. In the same study, 40 percent of technical women reported a lack of role models, while nearly half reported a lack of mentors, and 84 percent reported a lack of sponsors or someone who would help make their accomplishments visible throughout the organization.

Here, we're highlighting some women who are excelling in the technology field and serving as mentors for other young women.

Are you a woman working in a STEM field? Join the conversation. Share your photos and tell us about the women who inspired you.

STEM Stories: How Mentors Are Changing the Conversation For Young Women

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