CULTURE & ARTS Redirects To Jonathan Franzen's Facebook Page

Yes, this is real.

It’s long been known that Jonathan Franzen hates the internet and, well, the internet doesn’t exactly love him either.

From his writing about women to his comments on being a man (”It’s like there’s no way to make myself not male”) to his lack of a diverse friend group (”I don’t have very many black friends”), Franzen hasn’t done much to ingratiate himself with the people of the World wide Web.

As such, it’s no surprise that the polemical writer of works such as The Corrections and Purity was most recently the butt of a joke.

This isn’t a drill: actually takes you to Franzen’s Facebook fan page.

Also, if you search the site on Google, you get this delightful search result: 

2017 is going to be a hoot, isn’t it? 



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