16 U.S. Cities To Visit If All You Want To Do Is Eat

In addition to Austin...

You've probably heard that major U.S. cities including New York City, Chicago, Washington D.C. and San Francisco are amazing places to visit for some of the best food in the world.

But we're here to tell you that there's more to eat in places beyond the usual destinations. The following locations are somewhat lesser-known as "food cities," and therefore less crowded and less expensive than the headline destinations you're used to hearing about.

You might already know that Austin, Texas is THE place to go for Tex Mex, and you'll get the freshest lobster of your life in Portland, Maine. But did you also know that places like Cincinnati, Ohio and Albuquerque, New Mexico are also worth your appetite?

In the name of all things delicious, book your next trip to one of these places below. Happy travels!

Austin, Texas
If you haven't heard, this is the spot for Tex Mex and barbecue. We're talking breakfast tacos, queso upon queso and juicy brisket. You can't really go wrong here, but here's a tip: you don't need to wait in line for Franklin's, because all of the BBQ is great!
Evanston, Illinois

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Just when you think deep-dish pizza is the reason to go here, think again. Evanston will give you some of the best chicken wings you've ever had. If you don't believe us, give Buffalo Joe's a try.
Albuquerque, New Mexico

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New Mexican food is its own special cuisine -- it's not quite traditional Mexican food, not quite Tex Mex. Good news? There's still lots of cheese. Take a seat and scarf down a sopapilla (or a few) and refried beans at Monroe's.
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
There are lots of foodie reasons to visit North Carolina, but if you're looking for a great biscuit, you should pay Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen a visit.
Portland, Maine

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Lobster, oysters and fish, oh my! Seriously, this place is all about the lobster so feel free to enjoy it in any style: whole, roll or chowder. Try Portland Lobster Company or Fisherman's Grill.
Cincinnati, Ohio
The citizens of Cincinnati eat their chili on pasta. Get into it and go to Skyline Chili. The Ohio city is also the home of some of the best ice cream in the world: Graeter's.
Northampton, Massachusetts

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One word: bakeries. The baked goods around here are all stellar, especially those at Hungry Ghost and Tart.
Watauga, Texas
There's one big reason to go to this gas station restaurant, and it's the ridiculous Bloody Mary that's an actual meal. You'll find it at Chef Point Cafe.
San Diego, California
Heaven exists on earth and it's San Diego. If you're not swimming around for fish tacos, maybe it's time you tried the Cali burrito, which is a burrito with, wait for it, FRENCH FRIES. Get the delicacy here.
Burlington, Vermont

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Restaurants in this lovely city proudly display lists of their local vendors, so diners know exactly where their food came from (and usually, it's from farms only miles away). Treat yourself to a number of great places, including Hen of the Wood for dinner, or Handy's Lunch for.. you get it.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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America's next hippest city is also a hot spot for great food. You could try a different cuisine each night. Get a taste of South America with some bites from Gaucho Parrilla Argentina.
Louisville, Kentucky

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First, there's a bourbon trail you need to hop on. Second, burgers exist everywhere, but Louisville has some seriously delicious ones for cheap. After a day tasting bourbon, take a bite out of a juicy burger from Mussel & Burger Bar.
Charlottesville, Virginia
With few chain restaurants, it's easy to get lost in the food capital of Virginia. No matter what, you absolutely need to make a stop at Bodo's Bagels.
Rochester, New York

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If you're down to eat a dish called a "garbage plate," then Rochester is the place for you. Indulge in a delicacy filled with perfectly random ingredients at Nick Tahou Hots.
Kansas City, Missouri
Holy BBQ! Eat some of the best, most delicious meat you've ever tasted. Jack Stack Barbecue has a lot of fans.
Miami, Florida
You could go to Cuba for authentic and incredible Cuban food, but we'd still tell you to stop by Enriqueta's in Miami for a delicious Cuban sandwich.

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