10 Cities Where Workers Have Big Cursing Problems: Report

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Where a worker lives may determine how much they swear at work, according to a recent survey from (h/t NBC News).

Those who work in the nation's capital might not be surprised to hear that it’s Washington D.C. that ranks first among the cities with workers with the most potty mouths. Just take a look at Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, who reportedly told TARP inspector Neil Barofsky that he was “the most fucking transparent secretary of the Treasury in this country's entire fucking history!" For Barofsky's part, he recently said the U.S. was “pretty fucked.

But those who like to swear as much as our esteemed Treasury Secretary better be careful. The survey also found that most employers look down on workers who use foul language at the office, with 64 percent saying they think less of employees who swear and 57 percent saying it could affect the way they award promotions. Bosses aren't immune from cursing though. They're as likely to swear at their subordinates as workers are to swear at each other.

Still, not every office may look down on swearing. In fact, another recent study found that cursing at work can both boost morale and help make friends.

Here are the citieis where employees are most likely to swear, according to

10. Philadelphia, PA

Cities Where Workers Swear The Most

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