Istanbul, Portland, Tehran And Jakarta All At Risk For Life-Threatening Earthquakes In The Future

These Cities Are At High Risk For Life-Threatening Earthquakes

Last weekend's tragic earthquake in Nepal, estimated to have killed over 5,000 people, has left many in a tailspin over the increasing risk of earthquakes, with a report in Newsweek warning of additional “extreme geological events” to come.

Speaking to HuffPost Live on Tuesday, Chris Goldfinger, a professor of marine geology and geophysics at Oregon State University, addressed the question of where seismic destruction is likely to hit next.

"Places like Jakarta, Indonesia -- a big city built on another subduction zone," he listed. "Seattle, Portland, San Francisco are all on that list as well. We have a subduction zone in the Pacific Northwest."

According to Goldfinger, several cities in the Middle East also have reason to be on watch.

"Other places that are high on the list because of low construction standards [in] places like Istanbul, Turkey," he said. "There's a big strike-slip fault, much like the San Andreas, there that's just offshore of Istanbul. Tehran, Iran, is another one. There are a lot of cities like that -- that are relatively low construction standards and relatively high hazard level."

Watch the clip above to hear more from Chris Goldfinger's conversation about earthquakes on HuffPost Live.

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