City by the Sea -- A Runway for these Souls

Without fearing the unknown, kids from around the seafaring metropolis have learnt to celebrate the essence of life.

2015-11-18-1447826002-3807132-image001.jpg Guardian angels

2015-11-18-1447826108-8129556-image003.jpg Unguarded, yet engrossed in sculpturing their future

2015-11-18-1447826181-9356057-image007.jpg Meanwhile a gig continues in the realms of Manora

2015-11-19-1447951840-5852685-image011.jpg Now we know where Ronaldo got his style... from Baba Island.

2015-11-18-1447827707-9655471-image013.jpg In the safest hands

2015-11-18-1447827855-9343894-image017.jpg Living free? Shouldn't be doubting

2015-11-18-1447827958-1831406-image019.jpg Moonwalking on the serene waters of the Arabian

2015-11-18-1447828141-4292520-image021.jpg Setting dreams to sail

2015-11-18-1447828243-8167325-image023.jpg A young gladiator fighting the hardships of the sea

2015-11-18-1447828401-2386851-image025.jpg Tis time to celebrate a good catch!

2015-11-18-1447828475-7006175-image027.jpg Happy by reason, joyful by choice.