Who's Winning: You Or The City? Take This Quiz To Find Out.

City living ain't easy.

You watch a few episodes of "Sex and The City" or "New Girl," and the next thing you know you're living in a tiny apartment and everything's incredible -- until it totally sucks. Your landlord is a jerk, your boss is underpaying you, people are mean and you left all your real friends back in your hometown.

The good news is that, like most things, city living gets better with practice. Before you know it, this whole concrete jungle will feel a lot more like a concrete playground. That is until something crazy happens and you're back to square one. But isn't that kind of exciting spontaneity the reason you moved here anyway?

So just how well are you doing in the game of city living? Take our quiz to find out if you're one of the city's best... or if your city's getting the best of you.