14 Cities Whose Famous Nicknames Totally Got It Wrong

14 Cities Whose Famous Nicknames Totally Got It Wrong

We know that Paris is called both the City of Light and the City of Love.

...but wouldn't the City of Pigeon Poop be a little more accurate?

Chicago, aka The Windy City
...On A Good Day. Usually It's The City of Frigid Blizzards.

Denver, aka The Mile-High City
...or just The High City.

New York, aka The City That Never Sleeps
...Except On Sundays Between 5am And 11am, Because That's How You Get Energy For Brunch.

Rome, aka The Eternal City
...or The Eternally Crowded City.
rome crowd

New Orleans, aka The Big Easy
...and The Big Hard-To-Find-Food-That's-Not-Fried.

Detroit, aka Motor City
...or No-Motor City.

Philadelphia, aka The City of Brotherly Love
...more like the City of BYOs (For reals, you can bring your own alcohol EVERYWHERE.)

Los Angeles, aka The City of Angels
...or The City Of Traffic and Smog.
los angeles traffic

London, aka Londontown
...well lately, it's Prince Georgetown.

Seattle, aka The Emerald City
...more like The Bleak, Gray City.

San Francisco, aka The City by the Bay
...maybe we should add some adjectives, like The Foggy, Cold, Overcast City by the Bay.
san francisco fog

Las Vegas, aka Sin City
...but Lose-All-Your-Money City or Elope City would work well, too.

Boston, aka Beantown
...Dunkintown might be more appropriate.

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