These Stunning City Skylines Will Give You Another Reason To Travel The World, Right Now

The most breathtaking skylines in all the world will make you want to book a flight to these concrete jungles, right now.

Last week, we pulled together several beautiful U.S. city skylines for your viewing pleasure. And because you can never have too much of a good thing, particularly when that "thing" is an unbelievable city view, we thought an international version could help you plan for next trip to a bustling metropolis.

When considering the most hypnotizing city skylines from around the globe, three things must be noted: Asia surpasses everyone when it comes to architecture and urban landscaping, "concrete jungles" can actually be breathtaking and nothing will awaken your wanderlust more than marveling at these incredible man-made horizons:

Buenos Aires, Argentina

A sepia-toned night showcases Buenos Aires' sparse yet enchanting skyline. Where does the city end, where does it begin? Only one way to find out... Photo by Kevin Allekotte via 500px.

Chongqing, China

You know it's a good one when you're seeing double. Photo by Min Chen via 500px.

Toronto, Canada

Not bad, eh? You're staring at the world's highest wine cellar, located in the brightly lit CN Tower -- take it all in and maybe drop by for a glass. Photo by Neil Ta via 500px.

Tokyo, Japan

That's Mount Fuji in the background. Just hanging out right there... Photo by Kevin Allekotte via 500px.

São Paulo, Brazil

Buildings and smog for as far as the eye can see... and then some. Photo by Jean-Clément Turblin via 500px.

Jerusalem, Israel

The Dome of the Rock's reflection and the sunset backdrop make everything look like it's plated in GOLD. Photo by David via 500px.

Seoul, South Korea

Cue Ellie Goulding's "Lights" and happy trancing to ya... Photo by Min Soo Kim via 500px.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The "marvelous city" surrounded by mountains, islands and sugar loaves. Photo by Thanat Avit via 500px.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Beyond the clouds lies city skyline utopia. Photo by WK Cheoh via 500px.


All black everything. Photo by SooSing Goh via 500px.

Shanghai, China

Welcome to the future, it looks a lot like China... but with hopefully less air pollution. Photo by David D via 500px.

Frankfurt, Germany

The fifth largest city in Germany is one for the books. Photo by Sven Klugel via 500px.

Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta's night view > Every other night view. Photo by Ismed Hasibuan via 500px.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Take a moment to appreciate the spectacular sight of the Petronas Twin Towers. Photo by Silentino Natti via 500px.

Hong Kong, China

We're in the big leagues now... Photo by Pcarbone Freelance Photographer via 500px.

Sydney, Australia

From across Sydney's Red Harbour, we give you: PERFECTION. Note the world-renowned Opera House to the right side of the skyline. Photo by Enrico Becker via 500px.

Manila, The Philippines

A vanilla sky in Manila... sorry, had to. Also: THRILLA IN MANILA. Ok, stopping. Photo by Chairat Juengmongkolwong via 500px.

Panama City, Panama

A city that looks like it's made almost entirely out of glass. Photo by Jim Nix via 500px.

Moscow, Russia

Under the bridges and cruising down the yellow-lighted river we go. Photo by Sergey Alimov via 500px.

Bangkok, Thailand

Looks like a beautiful storm is coming. Photo by Rasit Rodphan via 500px.

Mumbai, India

If you didn't know, now you do... Photo by Fahim Sayed via 500px.

Istanbul, Turkey

The Bosphorous Bridge lights up the night sky in Istanbul for an incredible view. Photo by Pelin Genç via 500px.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

When it comes to big buildings, the Emirates know what they're doing. Photo by Smithin Das via 500px.

Osaka, Japan

Sleepless in Osaka... Photo by LBG via 500px.

Guangzhou, China

And here's China again, this time with their version of Emerald City... Photo by Fedor Ivanenko via 500px.

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