City Time-Lapse Shows Bustling Cities In U.S. & Canada (HD VIDEO)

We're big fans of time-lapse video.

Just weeks after a stunning Milky Way time-lapse captivated the internet, a new time-lapse video has begun making the rounds. This montage of time-lapse city videos was taken and compiled by Dominic Boudreault. It apparently took a year to put together, ending in early 2011.

The video consists of shots from Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, New York, and Chicago, and features some of each city's most famous monuments. As the video progresses more shots of nature are weaved in providing some contrast to the short film.

You can see another video of Boudreault's here on his website, or you can follow him on Facebook or Twitter. Many of his cityscape photographs are also featured on Getty.


Timelapse - The City Limits from Dominic on Vimeo.