Ciudad Real International Airport Sits Abandoned In Central Spain (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: An Abandoned Airport

Ciudad Real International Airport in central Spain opened in 2009 to much hype and fanfare. The airport, which was meant to handle overflow from Madrid's Barajas airport, cost a whopping 1.1 billion Euros to build, according to the Financial Times, and was finally closed in April after operating for just three years.

The airport, nicknamed "Don Quixote", offered high-speed rail connection to Madrid, some 150 miles away and was meant to handle roughly 600,000 passengers annually, the Daily Mail reports.

The 28,000 square-foot airport now sits abandoned, despite its ripe positioning for holiday makers from within Spain, as well as international visitors , thanks to its parent company going into receivership, according to Think Spain.

The runway has been continually painted with yellow crosses as warnings for pilots not to land there, according to the Daily Mail.

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Cuidad Real International Airport