C.J. Wilson Dating Video: Rangers Pitcher Needs A Date?

MLB Pitcher Is Looking For A Date

Entering the opening game of the American League Championship Series it seemed that the Detroit Tigers' starting pitcher, Justin Verlander, would be the man of the hour. But as the hours dragged on due to a pair of rain delays, it was the Rangers' starter, C.J. Wilson, who drew the most attention.

Not only did Wilson's team win the game but he also had a chance to let all the viewers at home know that he was looking for a date.

The 30-year-old left-hander filmed a dating video for FOX that was aired during a rain delay. After stating his age and confirming that he was single, Wilson informed potential partners that he enjoys coordinating the color of his uniform and his glove, racing cars and dancing. He then went on to say that he's looking for a girl -- sorry fellas -- who is about 5 foot 6 inches tall and enjoys film noir.

One of MLB's most devoted Twitter users at @str8edgeracer, Wilson actually tweeted about his relationship status several hours before the game on Saturday night. His Twitter handle acknowledges both his "Straight Edge" lifestyle and passion for auto racing.

C.J. Wilson @dmavsgirl don't have a gf but thanks for coaching my personal life!

According to Baseball-Reference, Wilson earned $7,050,000 during the 2011 season. One would think that athletic young guy who eschews drugs, alcohol and promiscuity with that sort of pay stub would have an easier time finding a date. Of course, job security remains an issue. Wilson becomes a free agent after the postseason. Perhaps potential paramours in Texas are waiting to see if Wilson re-signs with the Rangers.

As a well-timed reminder that Wilson's approach to life -- and dating -- is not the norm for young, single ballplayers, 24-year-old Florida Marlins outfielder Logan Morrison tweeted his views on developing relationships a few hours later.

Logan Morrison Tweeps I have a confession; If a woman ever bought me dinner & took me 2 a movie, I would definitely put out

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