CJR: MSNBC Deals With Foes Indirectly; Fox News, Head-On

In a piece for the Columbia Journalism Review, Alexis Sobel Fitts addresses one of the most fascinating topics in ideological cable television — how MSNBC and Fox News deal with the folks who disagree with the network’s prevailing ideology. In comparing the two networks, Fitts says that conservatives “occasionally” appear on MSNBC programs, but:
While the liberal hosts of MSNBC often skewer conservatives, the debates happen with villains who are not in the studio: lambasted, by proxy, in news clips. At Fox, they happen in person, with a real-live liberal who is often on staff. “I still think that Fox is the one place on the cable dial for sure where that kind of freewheeling debate takes place,” said Juan Williams, who was hired as one of the network’s first progressives.