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CK One Launching Cosmetics -- But Are People Still Into The Brand?

CK One, that perfume we all marinated ourselves in back in the '90s, is expanding into a CK One cosmetics line, Women's Wear Daily reports this morning.

The makeup will include fare like "3-in-1 Face Makeup" and will debut exclusively at Ulta:

“With its fragrance roots, expanding into a color cosmetics line was a natural progression for the CK One brand,” said Tom Murry, president and chief executive officer of Calvin Klein Inc. “This latest extension embodies the energy and free spirit of CK One, offering fresh and unique beauty products that are ideal for today’s youthful, independent consumer.”

CK One's makeup will also be plugged using ads that star Lara Stone. (Remember her infamous "F-word" billboard? That was CK One.)

Okay! Now that that's out of the way: CK One, you need to calm the eff down.

Over the past almost 20 years since CK One's launch, Calvin Klein has grown by leaps and bounds and has sort of outgrown its mid-90's "heroin chic" image. (CK was around for about 15 years prior to CK One's launch, too.) In our experience, our peers got tired of CK One's ubiquitous aroma and moved on to other fragrances pre-Y2K.

But that didn't stop the branding juggernaut: Ck One relaunched in 2011, touting branded underwear, jeans and yes, perfume. Coty, who controls CK fragrance now, is still releasing versions of the classic fragrance, like CK One Summer, which just debuted for summer 2012.

Sure, some perfumes that were trendy 20 years ago are still going strong. But most are like Clinique Happy: although they can still be found at Macy's, we don't know anyone who wears it.

So, to the execs at Coty and CK, we say: 20 years later, we don't think we're going to be shaking our CK One fatigue any time soon.

But maybe we're wrong. Are you still buying CK One products? Tell us in the comments if you'd be on board for CK One makeup, and read more details about what kind of makeup we can expect from Calvin at WWD.