80-Year-Old 'Bird Lady' Claire Butcher Faces Criminal Charges For Feeding Ducks

This law is for the birds, but it shouldn't be, according to an 80-year-old woman who's defied a Massachusetts town rule that bans feeding ducks and geese.

Lynn prosecutors are fighting Claire Butcher in court to get her to stop feeding the waterfowl, because they say park walkways are covered with bird poop thanks to her.

Despite the criminal charges against her, Butcher, also known as the "Bird Lady," shows little sign that she'll obey the rules at three area ponds, The Daily Item reports.

"The animals in the park do not belong to the city of Lynn -- they belong to God," Butcher said, according to the Associated Press.

Prosecutors upped the pressure, because they say that despite multiple unpaid fines, a no trespass order, nearly a dozen citations, and threats of a 30-day jail sentence, Butcher refuses to obey park rules.

"You can see how filthy it is over there and how many animals reside there. It's because of the constant feeding by Ms. Butcher," Lynn City Attorney Vincent Phelan said on Wednesday, according to CBS.

The city even obtained surveillance images of Butcher rolling shopping carts filled with bread and dog food up to the ponds.

"I guess Lynn has nothing else to do," Butcher said, "besides chase an 80-year-old woman down the street for feeding ducks."


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