Claire Danes 'Holla' Or 'Challah'? Twitter Debates Meaning Of Mandy Patinkin Shout-Out

'Holla' Or 'Challah'?

Or was it, "Mandy Patinkin, challah"?

In her acceptance speech for the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama, "Homeland" star Claire Danes gave a shout out to her co-star Mandy Patinkin in memorable fashion. But Twitter users were immediately split over the true meaning of her message.

Was she saying, "holla," in the style of certain '90s rappers? Or was she paying tribute to the Jewish heritage of Patinkin's character, Saul Berenson, by referencing the ceremonial bread reserved for Sabbath and holiday meals?

Logic would suggest that Danes, who rose to fame as a star of the ground-breaking alt-teen TV series "My So-Called Life" in the mid-90s, was making a joking hip-hop reference. But some Tweeters might prefer to think that she was making a religious-themed double entendre.

Dave Itzkoff of "The New York Times," presumably not in strict reporter mode, may have been the first to opt for the "challah" spelling.

TV critic Alan Sepinwall chimed in shortly thereafter, expressing what appeared to be genuine confusion:

To some, "challah" would have been a definite improvement over the alternative:

In the end, it may be up to you to decide:

Then there's this HuffPost reader, who thinks Danes may have been addressing Patinkin using the informal Arabic greeting "hala."

Danes was the second "Homeland" actor to win a 2012 Emmy, following her co-star, Damian Lewis, who prevailed in the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama category.

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