Claire McCaskill Backtracks On Criticism Of Elizabeth Warren, Admits The Truth About Washington

Democratic Senator Backtracks On Criticism Of Elizabeth Warren By Admitting The Truth About Washington

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) on Saturday backtracked from recent comments in which she seemed to suggest that Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) was getting more attention than she deserved by admitting what's widely known about Washington: everyone seeks attention.

McCaskill told The New York Times recently that she was "confused" as to why Warren had gotten so much attention over her opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, an agreement with 11 Pacific countries that the Obama administration is negotiating.

On Saturday, McCaskill tweeted that Warren wasn't at fault for seeking the spotlight and deserved the praise.

In a story published Friday, the Times pointed out that even though Warren has been the most visible opponent to Obama's trade deal, she has had little to do with the actual trade legislation in Congress. Warren has urged the Obama administration to make the details of the deal public and has said that it could allow banks and corporations to undermine the Dodd-Frank financial regulations -- something the Obama administration has said is untrue.

Obama has said that Warren is "absolutely wrong" on the deal, leading some to say that the dispute between the two Democrats has gotten too personal -- something that Obama has also denied.

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