Senator Claire McCaskill Reminds Women Not To Give A Damn What Men Think

"Unladylike" advice for the win.

Claire McCaskill has some wisdom to share. 

In a new video from ELLE, the Democratic senator discussed her new memoir, offered dating advice and shared her greatest successes in an interview with her daughter, Lily Esposito. 

When asked what every woman should own, McCaskill went the figurative route.

"Their ambition, I think too many women are afraid to own their ambition," she told Esposito. "They're afraid that it makes them seem unladylike, or aggressive, or unattractive to men."

None of this is true, as McCaskill explains in her memoir, Plenty Ladylike

McCaskill also offered some solid dating advice, advising women that they should never play down their intelligence for fear of scaring a man away:

"If a man is not strong enough to take you as you are, with all of your strengths, then it's gonna have a bad ending. So never dumb down."



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