Former Sen. Claire McCaskill Burns Republicans With 1 Of Their Rare Self-Aware Lines

The former Missouri Democratic senator offered a blistering analysis of the current GOP.

Former Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) used a Republican representative’s own criticism of her party to summarize the chaos engulfing the GOP.

As the party continued to implode with elbow-digging, name-calling and near-fistfights in Congress this week, McCaskill on Wednesday turned to Rep. Kelly Armstrong’s (R-N.D.) observation that the House GOP caucus is “the same clown car with a different driver” even after Rep. Mike Johnson’s (R-La.) installation as speaker.

“I can’t imagine when I was in the Senate that I would go out and be that derogatory towards the leadership of my own party,” McCaskill told MSNBC’s Alex Wagner.

The House GOP is “not a functioning majority, they are schoolyard bullies and this has devolved into something that you don’t know whether to laugh or cry because it’s so embarrassing to our country,” she added.

Watch McCaskill’s commentary here:

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