Clapbacks And Commentary

Hundreds of anti-Donald Trump protesters hold a demonstration in Washington Square Park in New York City.
Hundreds of anti-Donald Trump protesters hold a demonstration in Washington Square Park in New York City.

I had a completely different piece started in my head, a satire about the upcoming “Muslim registry” and loopholes around the whole thing (Nicodemite anyone?)

But I took the time, and I don’t know why, but I took the time to read some of the comments from my last piece and there were some great points that were brought up.

I’ve even had people contact me and start insightful conversations about our different views on privilege and ask about what are the next steps etc etc.

Then there were some comments that made me face palm myself and think you’ve actively chosen to remain ignorant?

So I began to digress:

“All of the fringes of society, all religions, sexual orintations, oppressed run to WHITE America to be safe and free. I challange you to go to ANY other country and see if you are accepted and free, and if you find one..stay there and leave us in peace.”

1) You spelled orientations and other terms incorrectly BUT I make mistakes too so that’s not even my issue with you right now.


Google search the term “Original Americans”

Not. One. Single. White. Person.

Will my original Americans please stand up? Please? Thank You Native Americans.

3) So, when have you met all the oppressed people in the world? What qualifies you to make this statement on the basis that your “White America” is utopia?

Plot twist…it isn’t.

I find it despicable that in the year 2016, we still need to explain the history of how this nation was developed to people that think that slavery, rape, racial injustice, gender inequality, religious persecution ( which was the original reason why Europeans came to America to begin with) and every other despicable thing that has happened was just a walk in the park and now everyone should just get over it.

Well, we’re not. This oppression still exists today.

The president elect just named an openly self-proclaimed racist for the position of attorney general.

That’s encouragement for people to remain united and move forward.

4) I have been to other countries.

Here’s the thing. I’ve lived a good chunk of my life in a developing country with a “president” aka dictator and I had the time of my life.


I never had any expectations from that government to treat me or anyone fairly. That country has never, and most likely never will in the near future, state that everyone has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I knew and a lot of people living there knew that the country was corrupt. You knew you would get thrown into jail if you stood on the corner of whatever square condemning the government. You knew if you threw a protest over the rigged election you might as well lay down in a coffin and get comfortable. So, people escape these so called areas of oppression because


That’s the fairy tale we’ve been taught here from the first page of your social studies textbook in elementary school. The United States of America, the free world, is a home for all people, from “all of the fringes of society, all religions, sexual orientations” ; the US of A is the promised land.

But.. once you get here you realize this perfect little utopia or how some people like to phrase it “White America” is as authentic as a degree from Trump University.

5) Please stop trying to deport or send me back to my mothers uterus because that’s biologically impossible and rude. Stop telling me to go somewhere else if I don’t like the corrupt environment I live in, or leave “Your America.”

This country tis of thee isn’t yours, mine, or the next person. Its ours. And I’m not going anywhere because for the millionth time I AM AN AMERICAN! At the end of the day, I love this country in spite of its many, many, many, many, many, flaws.

My family is from here.

My ancestors nearly died during the middle passage to even get here.

I live in the first time zone that airs Scandal every Thursday night.

My first child will be named “ Trader Ibn Joe” because I’ve never been so in love with ginger snaps in my life.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday after Eid Al Adha and Eid Al Fitr.

My favorite town on the East Coast is Nyack, New York because that’s where my happiest childhood memories are from.

I have the freedom and privilege to voice my opinion on how I feel about what goes on in OUR United States on a media platform like Huffington Post.

So, no I’m not going anywhere, I’m using my voice to air out my concerns and continue to work on ways with others out there who have the same concerns to change it.

“If you really want to stand alongside those who are facing discrimination how about you go to an Islamic country and Stand alongside Christians instead of denigrating the millions of ‘white privileged ‘ people whose country allows you the freedom to insult them”

1) Where do I even begin with this. Well I don’t have to go to Islamic country to stand alongside Christians because I already do right here in the US.

I was blessed to spend 14 years of my life being loved by a Christian grandmother who would go out of her way to buy kosher food whenever I would stay with her in order to make sure she could still spoil me and fall within the diet restrictions I have as a practicing Muslim. This country failed her, our family legacy, and her sacrifices as a black woman with this recent election. So why did you fail to stand with my CHRISTIAN family members? Because I did, and I always will.

2) I check in on my Sikh and Hindu friends due to the Islamophobic ideology people love to jump on board with and target them based on their dress code. That’s because supporting Islamaphoic ideology is easier than actually learning about Islam or that fact that ISIS has killed more Muslims than non-Muslims since their initiation.

I don’t know why people think that because I’m Muslim, ISIS has my best interest in heart because they don’t. In fact, a lot of ISIS ideology falls in line with some of the propaganda preached by Donald Trump himself. They both support the same brand of fear mongering and fundamental terrorism. But we’re not going not condemn the entire Christian faith based on one man or movement are we? How ridiculous would that be?

3) This country does not belong to the white privileged. So that movement does not deny or allow me to do anything. If you are insulted well…..I pity you because you still fail to understand the point of my original piece. Recognizing you are privileged and taking actions to promote change especially since you have this privilege are two separate things.

4) I don’t need to go to a country to stand by anyone. I will stand by you if you practice a religion or not no matter what country you live in. Even when you fail to stand by me, I stand by you on my own two feet because you don’t grant or give me the strength to stand tall and proud. My conviction already has that covered.