Clarity Shines


Do you dare to face the Truth? The initial glance may be awkward: you need to have the strength to maintain the focus for a while, and then the door opens.

Yes, it's uncomfortable to learn that a vicious battle has been going on for ages in the Spirit worlds, including the human realms. Yes, the Eternal Light shall prevail, although the forces of darkness are perpetuating the conflict, pushing the ultimate victory of Light further into the future.

Don't be mislead by the terminology though. The adversaries can stare at you in the middle of a bright day in a gorgeous environment. It can even be you yourself. No human being is immune to manipulations by these dark proponents. When I snap at someone, when I have negative thoughts, when I'm angry. The task is to recognize bad behavior, forgive oneself, and strive to be more consciously in the Light more often. Be patient, and humble, as you're finding the way into your own lightness of being.

Beware that there are two different types of light the human beings can perceive.

One is the Eternal Light, flickering ever so gently in the Soul, sustained by our individual Highest Self, who leads us on the journey to the Source. The Sun and the Stars also glow with the Eternal Light. Joy is sprinkled with it. The tinniest act that softens your or another person's face is more important than any grand humanitarian gesture that puts you in the spotlight. Every genuine smile dissolves a bite of darkness into happy sparkles.

And then there is the other light, impermanent and easily overtaken by shadows. The superficial shimmer often appears brighter than true Light. We're all too eager to follow the glamorous gleam. The promises of overnight success are so enticing, made even more alluring by our deep yearning for the Source. "Follow these precise steps, and you'll earn a six-figure income tomorrow." "A new download of enlightenment is now available. Are you ready? It's only $$$ for a limited amount of time." Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you: It doesn't work this way, at least not on the planet Earth. In the reality of time and space and matter, everything is a process. A flame can be ignited fairly quickly, but then needs to be nourished to continue emitting the light and warmth. We have to provide wood or gas or electricity. The forces of darkness can cut off the supply, using the artificial structures of the current social norms. "No money, no electricity. So what if you suffer. So what if a child dies. Who cares anyway?" You cringed at the harshness, didn't you? Good. I'm relieved. Because we all possess one uniquely human capacity: the ability to perceive through our heart. We are capable of feeling and expressing kindness, compassion, Love.

When in doubt whether you're pursuing the impermanent luster or the Eternal Light, look within. Tune into your Soul, connect with your inner flame, and link up with your Highest Self. The answer awaits you. The first glimpse may be vague and elusive. Keep trying. With practice, you'll be able to discern the responses with greater clarity. Perhaps the guidance won't be what you expected; perhaps you won't like what you get. At least consider the solution offered, and give it a try.

Remember that no one but yourself can know the specific instructions required for your life's pilgrimage. No guru, no other person that might appear to you as wiser or more enlightened. We can inspire each other, and share our insights. Yet, what works for you may not necessarily work for me. While we are all part of the Source, each one of us is also a very special species.

And each one of us is entrusted with a vital charge: to shine our own individually colored streak of Eternal Light in the world of matter. People labeled artists have always been quite good at this. Nonetheless, their pursuits tend to be shoved aside as frivolous. They were, and still are, stratified into the corners of the society's main stream. "Ah, yes. Sweet and pretty. But of what use is the product, unless we can monetize it?" Unfortunately, the labors in the service of Beauty, Truth, Goodness have been stained by Greed and Pride, two big advocates of darkness and false light.

Regardless, we still go to galleries and museums to be inspired by visual art. We flock to the performance halls to be uplifted by music, dance, theater. We still read poetry, and admire great poets. Because they carry true Light within them, and thereby feed our inner flames. Because we are all artists. Our most precious divine gift is creativity. Therefore... dance your life, sing your song, write your story. Create with words, color, clay, yarn, food... Make love.

The beginning may be messy, even painful. Don't lose heart: The chaos will slowly transform as you play with bits and pieces, and organize them into your signature harmony.

Let's share our humanity with each other to inspire the divine nature in all of us.


Over to you, dear Soulful Reader:
What do you perceive to be your unique art to share with the world?

This article first appeared on the Soulful Sparks of Inspiration website.