Class Of 2013's Starting Salary Tracking Higher On Average Than Last Year's Grads'

Great News For The Class Of 2013

The class of 2013 will enter an improved economy and is expected to earn more through its first year in the workforce than its counterparts in the class of 2012, United Press International reports.

A report from the National Association of Colleges and Employers says this year's graduates should earn an average starting salary of $44,928 -- a 5.3 percent jump over last year's average.

Students entering careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields reported the highest average starting salaries, according to the survey. A list published by the Wall Street Journal on Monday notes that petroleum, computer and chemical engineers topped the association's annual list of the top-earning majors. Only computer science, management information systems and finance majors were among non-engineers who cracked the top 10.

The journal notes that graduates who major in the humanities or social sciences saw a modest 1.9 percent pay bump, and the educational services sector hired the most graduates but at an average salary of $39,992, or roughly 11 percent below what the average 2013 graduate is expected to earn.

Although graduates could look forward to higher pay, the association said that across-the-board hiring is expected to remain relatively flat, however, and reported that participating employers are projecting a hiring increase of 2.1 percent -- or 13 percent below projections reported in fall 2012.

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