10 Classic Black Films We'd Love To See Sequels For

With films featuring black casts like "The Best Man Holiday" and the forthcoming "Think Like A Man Too," hitting the big screen, we couldn't help but think about other classic black films we would love to see a sequel to.

Immediately, movies like "Love Jones," "Brown Sugar," and "Dead Presidents" come to mind. Not that these movies particularly left us with any major cliff hangers, but who wouldn't want to see where the characters are now, and what became of them.

Recently, Nia Long stopped by HuffPost Live to promote the sequel to "The Best Man." When asked about her favorite role so far she immediately mentioned "Love Jones."

"I feel like that was like one of the classic romantic comedies where we really got to see black love in a way where we haven’t seen it before where it’s not a caricature of anything, but that it’s actually raw," explained Long.

She also went on to give a hint about the possibility of a sequel, "you know there’s been talk about it but I’m not sure."

While she wasn't quite sure about whether or not a part two would happen she was pretty sure about where she believed her character Nina Mosley ended up.

"I think that [Nina and Darius] would definitely be married. They would probably have a child and they probably would be going through what most people go through after having their first baby in the first five years which is how do we create balance and find time for one another because that’s the hard part in starting a family I think."

(Watch the full clip above)

Sanaa Lathan also stopped by HuffPost Live this week and touched on whether or not she might reprise any of her classic roles in movies like "Brown Sugar" or "Love and Basketball" in the near future.

"Who knows, we’ll see," Lathan said. "Like I said to Malcolm [Lee], its all about the script. [The Best Man Holiday] could be, a completely new film, the characters just happen to have the same names. Yes, they have the essence of the first characters in the first film but it could be a completely separate film in it’s own right. For me its always just about the script and Malcolm wrote a great script."

When it comes to our favorite black films, the questions are endless. What becomes of Anthony Curtis in "Dead Presidents" after getting sent to jail? In "Brown Sugar," did Dre and Sidney ever get married? And what ever happened to Lisa McDowell after taking on royal life in Zamunda with Prince Akeem?

We put together a few of the movies we want to see hit the big screen with a part two. Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments!



Black Movies That Need A Sequel