Classic Drug Scenes In Movies: In Honor Of 'Crystal Fairy,' Some Of Film's Trippiest Sequences

Michael Cera and Gaby Hoffmann, the stars of the new drug-fest "Crystal Fairy," went above and beyond Method acting, having admitted to taking mescaline while filming the movie, in which their characters attempt to hunt down the famed psychedelic. That realism will likely join the cadre of trippy drug scenes whose qualities have become instantly recognizable: Psychedelic music and swirling colors complement a fisheye lens and a sequence sped up or slowed way down to emphasize that, dude, this is crazy trippy, man.

As Cera and Hoffmann trek through the Chilean desert on a quest to score some mescaline, we're reminded of some of film's most elaborate drug scenes. From classics like "Trainspotting" and "Pulp Fiction" all the way to "A Very Brady Sequel," take a stroll down High As A Kite Lane with us and recall these movie characters who are caught in a haze of good times.

Trippiest Drug Sequences In Film