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Classic Summer Desserts: A HuffPost Deathmatch

Running around outside always works up our appetite for something sweet.

Summertime is for running around outside, preferably through sprinklers, no matter what age you are. That kind of activity inevitably works up an appetite for dessert, and when it comes to the summer classics, everyone has a favorite.

There are certain desserts that just taste better in the summer -- sno-cones, strawberry shortcake, peach cobbler -- when the temperature is high, the ingredients are in season and we get to eat all our meals outside. We decided to pit these eight, classic summer desserts against each other, to see which one you guys think is the ultimate treat. (Of course we all love all of them, but it's more fun if you pick a favorite.)

Here's how the Classic Summer Desserts voting will go down:

  • Round One voting opens July 9 -- vote right now!
  • Wednesday, July 10 at 12:00am Eastern, Round Two begins.
  • Thursday, July 11 at 12:00am Eastern, you'll be able to vote in Round Three.
  • Friday morning, July 12, we'll announce which classic summer dessert wins the crown.

*As usual, we wished we could have more than eight bracket spots. If we missed your favorite summer dessert, don't forget to let us (and everyone else) know in the comments!

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