The Classic White Button-Down: 5 Days/5 Ways (PHOTOS)

Trends come and go, but those classic pieces in our wardrobes stick around like old boyfriends whose numbers we just can't seem to delete. The notion of buying a little piece here and there to wake up your wardrobe just doesn't make financial sense (hey, someone's gotta pay the rent), so we have to recycle, recycle, recycle. But if the thought of wearing your staples like a white button-down blouse one more time makes you want to barf, then we are here to help. Our fearless Beauty Editor Dana Oliver took our 5 Days/5 Ways challenge and completed it with aplomb. Not only did she wear the same top for a week, she managed to style it so that almost every day we were doing double-takes, like, wait, did you really wear that yesterday? Check it out, and add your picture--we want to see how you styled a classic white button-down.

Meanwhile, need even more inspiration? Then check out this adorable video of 10 different ways to wear the wardrobe staple.

5 Days/5 Ways: White Button Down Shirt