Classic With A Twist: Say Hello to Black, White, and Yellow (PHOTOS)

We love when yellow is paired with just about any color. When paired with black and white, however, it seems to provide an extra jolted burst.
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As we follow fashion trends and browse through our favorite shops, we can't help but notice a new bold color trend emerging. And it's a take on one of our favorite combinations. There isn't a palette more classic or one more versatile than black and white. But there's one particular color that has joined this duo's party: yellow.

We love when yellow is paired with just about any color. When paired with black and white, however, it seems to provide an extra jolted burst. In order for yellow to have the most impact in this case, use it sparingly and in unexpected ways (hello, accessories!). This trio is just as appropriate for an outdoor rustic wedding as it is for one feted in a modern art gallery.

Take a look through at the ways we can already envision a black, white, and yellow palette coming together. Then let us know in the comments what you think of this bold combination!

1. Dress
This dress has serious wow factor with its yellow bow! If a colored bow is not your style, think about adding pops of yellow with your accessories.

2. Invitations
We love that these invites are back and white because yellow will be a fun surprise for your guests at your wedding. Stripes are always a plus!

3. Boutonnieres
The black leaves mixed in with the yellow Billy balls of these boutonnieres provide the perfect mix of colors for your gents.

4. Bridesmaids
One way to keep your palette classic and elegant is by opting for black bridesmaids dresses complete with yellow bouquets.

5. Flower Girl
Instead of having your flower girl toss petals as she walks down the aisle, present her with a mini bouquet of yellow blooms.

6. Cocktails
Welcome your guests to your reception with classic lemonade cocktails. Striped black and white straws will complete the look!

7. Balloons
While your guests are enjoying their cocktails, slip away with your groom to take photos with balloons.

8. Dress Your Tables
To reintroduce the pattern included in the invitations, we adore this white, black, and yellow table complete with a striped liner and table number.

9. Cake
The lemon cake topper truly makes this cake special and in tune with our color palette.

10. Photo Booth
We can never say no to a photo booth because the fun pictures that result are priceless. And one with a yellow backdrop? Well, this booth is irresistible!

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