Claudia Conway Returns On 'American Idol' And Kellyanne Conway Sings

The teen daughter of the ex-Trump adviser performed on Hollywood Week after her rocky audition.

America got the two-fer it never knew it wanted on Sunday’s “American Idol.”

Claudia Conway returned for Hollywood Week after a shaky audition, and her mother, former Trump White House adviser Kellyanne Conway, chimed in with an impromptu chorus of “Girl On Fire.”

The younger Conway, 16, reappeared with newly dark locks and a resolve to take judge Katy Perry’s advice to “calm the storm” around her. Conway has achieved popularity on TikTok amid a contentious relationship with her mother, who left her White House job last summer to focus on family. Her father, attorney George Conway of the anti-Trump Lincoln Project, also went on hiatus from his work. (He accompanied Claudia to the audition that aired in February.)

This time, the teen sang a serviceable version of “River” by Bishop Briggs and awaited her fate in a line of other hopefuls. Perry informed them that they all advanced, and Kellyanne Conway screamed “Claudia, whew!”

Backstage, Conway hugged her daughter and sang “This girl is on fire, this girl is on fire.”

Somewhere Alicia Keys’ ears are bleeding.

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