Woman Killed By Border Patrol Identified As Claudia Patricia Gomez Gonzales, 20

A Border Patrol agent says he opened fire on a group of people who were rushing at him.

The woman shot and killed by U.S. Border Patrol on Wednesday has been identified as Claudia Patricia G贸mez Gonz谩les, a 20-year-old who had traveled to the U.S. from Guatemala in hopes of securing work to pay for her education.

G贸mez Gonz谩les was shot in the head when a Border Patrol agent fired on a group of people he believed to be undocumented immigrants in Rio Bravo, Texas.

The agent, who has been with Border Patrol for 15 years, said the group refused to get on the ground and instead rushed at him, at which point he opened fire, Customs and Border Protection said in a statement on Friday. The group fled after G贸mez Gonz谩les was shot, CBP said, but three of the individuals were later apprehended.

News of the shooting quickly circulated after a local resident filmed the aftermath and uploaded it to Facebook. 鈥淲hy did you shoot at the girl? You killed her!鈥 the woman filming says in the video, in Spanish, as she approaches Border Patrol agents at the scene. 鈥淪he wasn鈥檛 doing anything.鈥

G贸mez Gonz谩les was a Maya-Mam indigenous woman and had reportedly graduated from a program in forensic accounting in 2016. She had hoped to further her education, her father, Gilberto G贸mez, told the Guatemalan newspaper Prensa Libre.

Lidia Gonz谩les, the woman鈥檚 mother, told a local news channel that the family didn鈥檛 have enough money for her daughter to continue her studies.

鈥淪he told me she wanted to keep studying at university but we don鈥檛 have the money,鈥 Gonz谩les said, according to a translation by The Guardian. 鈥淲e鈥檙e poor and there are no jobs here. That鈥檚 why she traveled to the U.S. But they killed her. Immigration killed her.鈥

Gonz谩les said she hoped her daughter鈥檚 body would be sent back home.

The FBI and the Texas Rangers are investigating the incident with assistance from CBP鈥檚 Office of Professional Responsibility. The agent responsible for G贸mez Gonz谩les鈥 death is currently on administrative leave, CBP said in a statement.

There have been at least two other reported fatal shootings by officers on duty since the beginning of 2017. In November, a CBP agent shot and killed a suspected undocumented immigrant, who the agency claimed grabbed another agent鈥檚 gun. In September, Border Patrol agents shot and killed a man following a car pursuit and exchanges of gunfire, CBP said.

Since the beginning of 2017, at least seven people have died in car accidents while fleeing border agents.

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