Nomadic Artist Traverses Six Continents To Photograph Nude Bodies In Nature

Clayton Woodley traveled to over 30 countries for "Dreams to Awaken."
Dimorphotheca pluvialis, 2015
Dimorphotheca pluvialis, 2015

For the past two years, photographer Clayton Woodley has been traveling the world, determined to capture images that appear strange and otherworldly.

His series “Dreams to Awaken” chronicles the most surreal moments from the artist’s travels to over 30 countries and six continents, in which tree silhouettes, desert expanses, lush jungles and rock formations are accentuated by a mysteriously nude female figure cloaked in fabric.

While his concept is hardly new ― other male photographers have ventured around the world to place a woman’s body in a static landscape with little context provided ― his self-proclaimed dedication to a nomadic lifestyle is certainly curious. 

“After a life-changing accident in which I broke my back, I left my gig as a touring music photographer to travel the world, ‘find myself,’ and create art,” he told Ignant, recounting shots taken in Namibia, Socotra, Iceland and Bolivia. 

Photos from his travels will be on view from Dec. 9 until Jan. 8 at SHIM Gallery in Brooklyn. You can RSVP to the opening reception on Woodley’s website.



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