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How To Clean A Bird Feeder In A Few Easy Steps

There's nothing sweeter than watching a feathered friend stop by your window to have a snack from a bird feeder. But it's important to clean feeders once a month to avoid serious diseases that can accumulate. To keep your backyard friends happy and healthy, you'll want to try this non-toxic cleaning tip!

First, remove the feeder from its hook. Empty any seeds from the feeder. If the feeder has removable parts, detach them. Then, add a teaspoon of liquid soap to a bucket of water big enough for the feeder to soak. Soak the feeder in the solution for ten minutes. Next, use a scrubbing brush and gloves to remove any stuck-on dirt. Then, rinse the feeder in clean water. Empty the bucket and fill it with clean water and four cups of vinegar. Soak for one hour. Finally, rinse the feeder again with clean water.

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