How To Clean A Light Switch, The Dirtiest Spot In Your Home

It’s definitely not what you think it is.
Light switch - IE251-855
Light switch - IE251-855

When we clean our homes, we typically hit all the major spots: windows, floors, and appliances. But we often overlook little areas that can get pretty grimy, such as light switches. You may not realize it, but the surface is one of the dirtiest places in your home according to Health Line. Luckily, Good Housekeeping found a simple way to disinfect and clean a light switch.

First, spray regular household cleaner or rubbing alcohol onto a paper towel. Be sure not to apply the solution directly to the plate. Then, whip down the surface. Next, use a Q-tip to clean the actual switch of the fixture. Finally, buff with a cloth to dry.

If you're in a rush, Health Line suggests giving the switch a rub down with a disinfecting wipe. This little chore should be part of your regular cleaning routine at least once a week.

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