The Best Way To Clean Even The Most Disgusting Baseball Caps

Breathe fresh life into your favorite hats with hands-off fix.

The mark of a truly beloved baseball cap is one that's well-worn -- and perhaps a little smelly.

Even if you get a whiff of your favorite hat and realize it's far less than pleasant, you don't have to retire the cap completely. Instead, give it fresh life with this cleaning trick from Linda Cobb, the Queen of Clean.

As Cobb demonstrates in the above video, load your foul-smelling caps into the top track of the dishwasher and fill the detergent cup with Borax. Let it run through the entire cycle, then take out the damp caps and shape them on tall objects, such as cups or mason jars. Let them dry naturally.

"They'll dry perfectly," Cobb says. "They'll be clean and fresh-smelling next time you go out for a jog."

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