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Clean Blender In 30 Seconds, Thanks To CHOW Tips (VIDEO)

Guys, why didn't you tell us about this?

We've been using our blenders a lot this summer, on everything from smoothies to milkshakes to cold soups. Which is why we're feeling a little sheepish for not having known this trick the entire time. Thanks to the kitchen wizards over at CHOW, we're only 30 seconds away from a clean blender at any given moment.

Now that we know how to make our blender clean itself, we have to wonder, how did we not know about this? How did we not figure it out? Why didn't we ever just try it? So much wasted time fighting with sponges, blender blades and "letting the blender soak for a while" (which always turns into forgetting about it for a whole day). We tried this over the weekend after making some white gazpacho and can confirm that this works like a charm. It's still definitely worth taking the whole thing apart and scrubbing it from time to time, but this will probably lead to us using the blender way more often.

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